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A Typical Groom Wedding Speech

A groom wedding speech is probably the most important speech of a man's life but while most men are quite relaxed about making a business presentation which deals with facts and figures, they aren't so comfortable with a speech which deals with personal emotions like love and happiness.

Nonetheless, a groom wedding speech is one thing which you guys can't avoid unless you're having the type of wedding which doesn't lend itself to speeches but they are few and far between because at the very least you'd need to thank the guests for coming.

If your happy day is coming up and you need to make a groom wedding speech but you're struggling to think of what to say, then here are some ideas to help you.

A typical groom wedding speech is about the bride, about their past and his hopes for their future together and to thank anyone who has contributed to the success of the wedding.
The father of the bride will probably have proposed the toast to the bride and groom so that's a good place to start your thanks. It's traditional to thank him for the hand of the bride and also, if you know him well enough, for his kindness in accepting you as a son and for his friendship. Finally, if he has paid for the wedding reception then he must be thanked for that. So thanks to the bride's father for:
  • The toast
  • His daughter's hand in marriage
  • His acceptance of you into his family
  • His generosity in providing the wedding reception
Next, you should thank the guests for coming. You may want to mention individuals who have come a particularly long distance, especially from another country. You should also thank the guests for the good wishes for your future that they will have spoken of as they arrive and of course, for their gifts, although you will still have to write thank you letters to each of them. Therefore, thanks to the guests for:
  • Coming to the wedding
  • Congratulations and good wishes
  • Wedding presents
Now we get to the most important person present; the bride. Obviously, you will want to thank your new wife for marrying you and you may wish to include a few anecdotes about how you met, how your proposal came about, all the things you love about her. Finally, you may want to talk about your future, especially if you have just moved house or have a move planned and even your plans for children. However, please don't mention children if you haven't already had the discussion with your wife; nobody wants to learn at their wedding reception that their new husband actually wants eight children rather than the conventional two or three. In fact don't say anything that might embarrass your bride. There may be stories to tell about her that you think are really funny but that feeling may not be mutual. So when on the subject of the bride:
  • Thank her for marrying you
  • Recount how you met and how you arrived at marriage
  • Talk about your future together
Finally, you will need to thank anyone who made a personal contribution to the success of the day as follows:
Thank whoever helped to plan and organise your day.
Thank the bridesmaids. It's traditional to comment on how lovely the bridesmaids look but don't overdo it or your bride may not be amused.
Thank the ushers and the best man.
Try and pad out the thanks with stories and comments or else your groom wedding speech will just sound like a list.
For more tips on how to prepare your groom wedding speech visit Bride Wedding Speech which also offers speech making advice for all the other members of the wedding party.
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