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Groom Wedding Speeches

Let me make a bold assumption. You are a groom who is about to be married in just a few short days and you have waited until the last minute to sit down and write your speech. And like most of us, you have sat down at your computer, brought up Google and typed in those magic words: "groom wedding speeches".

I will sympathize with you because I know how hard these speeches are to write. You won't believe what I did to try to prepare a speech. I actually rented movies that had wedding scenes and watched any TV show where the main focus of the show was a wedding. If the groom happened to make a speech, it wasn't very good. So that leads me to my first tip on writing your own wedding speech: Do not try to write your speech based on something you saw in a movie! Trying to copy groom wedding speeches in movies should be avoided at all costs.

To help assist you, I have a list of tips below that will help you write several groom wedding speeches before you decide on which one to use. Simply follow the directions below (which will involve a lot of thinking and writing) and then put all the entire speech together in the end. That being said, you need to understand that you will have to put some effort into following these guidelines. By doing so, you are guaranteed to present a successful speech.

Tips on Putting Your Speech Together
1. Get yourself a journal and write down all of the funny events that happen leading up to your wedding day. Although you want to write an emotional speech, you want it to be humorous at the same time. By sharing wedding preparation secrets based on what happened behind the scenes, these secrets can really make a speech interesting.

2. You should write down everything you want to say. By writing down your thoughts, your goal at this moment is not to write the speech itself. You are just giving yourself ideas. The point is you will have a chance to organize these points later.

3. Now is the time for the most crucial part of the speech writing process: brainstorming. While brainstorming for ideas, the ensuing list of questions will help lead you to other questions. How many minutes should the speech be? Will religion be part of the speech? What subjects or topics should you avoid? What is the typical age of those who will be attending? What subjects would you like to talk about? Should the speech have a particular premise? What will you try to emphasize during the speech? What will you say to end the speech?
4. After you have written and organized the majority of the speech, you now need to add a toast at the end. Since toasts are basically meant to be short, you do not have the time to thank everyone at this point. Your toast will be to the bride and the parents. If you are clever enough, you can manage to keep the toast as short as one sentence.
5. Practice, practice, practice!. Many grooms use note cards to deliver their speech but you don't want to sound like a robot reading it word-for-word. If you have practiced your speech often, your words will come out more fluidly.
Delivering the Speech Itself 1. You should start by thanking your friends, co-workers, acquaintances and other non-immediate family members.
2. After thanking everyone else, now it is time to thank the parents (both yours and the bride's). While thanking them, you may want to throw in a couple of jokes to help make the speech funny was well as inspirational. But afterwards, you want to become serious again and give the parents one final thank you.
3. At this point you will thank everyone who participated in the ceremony including the best man and maid of honor. This will also include the person who performed the ceremony, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, staff, etc. If you have any funny stories about any of the rehearsals then now would be the perfect time to tell everyone.
4. Now you will turn to the bride and speak to her from the heart. Here is where your speech gets really emotional. Some ideas of things to say include telling everyone how you first met or tell her that you love it when she twirls her finger in her hair when she's nervous, etc. You get the point. What you are trying to do is show your warm and gentle side while letting the world know that you are the happiest man in the world.
5. After finishing with the bride you will thank your maid of honor and then your best man (during most wedding receptions, the best man makes his speech right after the groom). Thank them both for standing up for you and your new wife.
We hope that you have found that the above information regarding groom wedding speeches as both helpful and informative.
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