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Groom Wedding Speech Advice

Everyone wants to hear what the groom has to say at the wedding reception-at least for the first few sentences. But if the topic isn't interesting, entertaining, or humorous, the audience won't listen to a groom wedding speech for much longer than that. And the last thing you want to do is bore your bride or anyone else on this important occasion. It could lead to an awkward rest-of-the-day... or night!

Choose a topic that is appropriate to the occasion, something like what marriage means to you. Include a story about your parents' great marriage as an example. Or tell the story of how you met your lovely bride and how quickly you fell in love with her. Praise her in your speech; after all, she's the love of your life and you want everyone to know the qualities she possesses that led you to pop the question.

Another option for an interesting groom wedding speech is to discuss the meaning of happiness. Of course, your current state of bliss revolves around the woman seated beside you. Make sure you talk to her during the speech, and make eye contact with her. The same holds true for anyone else that you address during your speech. Eye contact is important to keep your audience engaged.

Make sure you thank all the guests for coming and sharing in your important day. Thank the parents as well as the attendants who helped with the ceremony. Anyone who was involved should receive a personal mention from the groom at this time. You shouldn't ramble on but make sure you don't forget anyone important because they certainly won't forget that you forgot!

While you're likely to have a glass of champagne in your hand when you make your speech, hold off on drinking too much alcohol before you start talking. Alcohol can loosen the tongue in addition to tying it in knots. You want to make sense. Alcohol can also loosen inhibitions, which could result in you taking a detour from your planned speech-and detours are often bumpy routes. You certainly don't want to say the wrong thing on this important occasion.

But a toast is definitely in order. So toast your bride, and end your speech with a kiss with her. She'll be more than happy to share another kiss with you on this special day, especially after you deliver that great groom wedding speech!

As to tone, humor is an important part of any speech, but you're not doing a monologue on the "Tonight Show", so sprinkle the jokes lightly throughout the speech. Because a wedding is an emotional occasion, make sure your speech does more than make people laugh. Make them think, smile, maybe even tear up a little. You want everyone to remember your speech as one of the high points of the day. Plan the speech, practice it, and you're sure to be a hit.

Of course, preparing a groom wedding speech isn't as simple as simple as we'd like it to be. For tips on exactly how to write a great wedding speech with outlines, sample speeches, and even some stock humor lines you can steal, visit [http://www.wedding-speech-tips.info], or click here [http://www.wedding-speech-tips.info]
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